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Stella’s and Chewy Freeze dried raw chicken morsels offered in Am and Pm!


We believe a water fountain is important for your Ragdoll to promote good hydration.

Our cats love their water fountains!

Litter & Litterboxes:

Unscented clumpable litter of any brand.

I use & like Fresh Step Multi-Cat Extra Strength Scented Clumping Cat Litter

Use a large, uncovered plastic litter box.

The box above is very nice, and durable, with high sides.

We believe the box covers do nothing but trap the smell inside the box,

which is not pleasant for the cat. Covers are also in the way of keeping the box clean.

Your litter boxes should be cleaned twice a day, every day.

Two boxes per kitten/cat is better than one box per kitten/cat.

We love this litter scoop

Cat Toys

Rattle balls and soft mice toys are the best.

Feather wands are wonderful fun & bonding time with your kitten/cat.

PLEASE do not leave feathers out unattended with your kitten/cat.

Feathers can splinter in your cat’s throat.


We don’t give a lot of treats here, because we have learned that they can cause diarrhea.

Our cats eat very well without treats.

The food above is high quality, and grain-free and our cats eat at LeasRagdolls.

Give treats very sparingly.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Dry Cat Food

Grooming Rake

We use this Furminator comb for everyday use. We could not live without it.

This comb is for dogs, but it is wonderful for our Ragdolls.

You must comb your kitten/cat to the skin, not just on top of the hair.

Combing your kitten/cat is important about once a week.

Cat Tree is very important for your kitten/cat.


We are always here for you!

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